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USANA Proflavanol® C100

USANA’s food supplement for cardiovascular support.

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THE USANA DIFFERENCE with Proflavanol® C100

Proflavanol® C100 combines effective grape seed extract with the power of vitamin C. Using USANA’s innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology, this food supplement works to support a balanced immune system, provide antioxidants and incorporate vitamin C to promote the formation of conjunctive tissue.

Nutritional Hybrid Technology

Proflavanol® C100 employs USANA’s innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology. This state-of-the-art approach to formula design and manufacturing features bilayer tableting: the separation of various formula ingredients into two distinct tablet layers. It allows the pairing of bioflavonoids from grape seed extract with vitamin C that synergistically provide antioxidant support. Nutritional Hybrid Technology opens the door to accelerated innovation in supplement design and manufacturing. Proudly, USANA is among the first in the supplement industry to use Nutritional Hybrid Technology.

Contains 100mg of high-quality grape seed extract.
Contains vitamin C that has multiple benefits:

 Contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative stress.
 Contributes to the normal function of the immune and nervous systems.
 Contributes to collagen synthesis for the normal function of blood vessels.

USANA’s food supplement for cardiovascular support.