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Get the Lowest Price

If you are like most people, you order USANA products often to maintain your health. Developing a consistent nutritional routine is important part of maintaining optimal health. What you may not know is USANA rewards people who order consistently with multiple discounts. Learn the 2 ways to save when you enroll as a USANA Preferred Customer:

1) Preferred Pricing - Lowest price without auto order.

2) Auto Order Discount - Another 10% is applied off the preferred price when you set up a monthly order. 

You can get all these discounts at the same time. With this knowledge you will be able to purchase USANA products at a price lower than you've ever paid before.

Why pay the full Retail price when you can pay our Discount price? Sign up for the Auto Order program to save an extra 10%.

Create an order today

Becoming a USANA preferred customer is free, there are no minimum purchase requirements, and you can cancel at any time. It's easy and the benefits are incredible.*

*The USANA preferred customer discount percentage of 20% is based off the retail price. In order to be eligible for the 20% discount, a customer must agree to become a USANA Preferred Customer.